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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Baby, New Lessons

Lucas in the car beating me in the race to home

Here they go again! Mommy and abba are on a new and wild ride. Yesterday, Tuesday, they brought Lucas home - turns out that this bottle gagging episode was a "flucas" - while I remained hospital bound for another night thanks to my dramatic tactics. More on that later. First let us discuss the new challenge that Lucas presents to mommy and abba.

Though exhausted, drained and in need of sleep after two weeks in the hospital with me and just four days after Lucas' birth, there was no rest for the weary. Immediately Lucas decided to put the once-again new parents to the test. And with the lights turned on yet again late into the night, they were forced to break out the Baby Whisperer and speed read through all the possible problems and possibilities that could be occurring as Lucas remained ill consoled for most of the night.

There were they, yet again, learning a new cry, wondering what it meant, guessing if something was ailing him, anything from reflux to room temperature in the ice box apartment. The diaper - did that factor in? Or had Lucas already developed bad habits and just wanted to be held? So many options for such a small new life.

He already smiles!

I think, in the end, nothing serious was concluded and a few hours of sleep were strung together. But did you notice how they had to consult the Baby Whisperer - a book by an adult written for adults? Answers were not to be had at the Baby Blogs, for this is where we withhold information including our top secrets about why we are crying.

Even though I was born a mere 16 months ago, all bets are off. I was in the hospital for a full week after my birth essentially raised by Russian-Israeli nurses who put me on a strict four-hour regimen. I was on my own in the preemie ward (though I was not technically a preemie) and then when we got home I was immediately inducted into my own room. I had a different, softer cry and I slept like an angel. Plus I only took bottles at the time (my pre-latte days) so even my feedings were scrupulously recorded.

Lucas had the less intense care in the regular nursery and only three full days of that. Nothing has been established for him. Plus he sounds like a noisy sleeper - he occasionally squeak-cries and it sounds like the rev up to a big cry, then he drifts off to sleep again. And mommy and abba know this because he has to sleep in their room because there is no room for him in the inn, er, in my room. At some point mommy awoke to notice her arm through the bars on the bassinet with her fingers resting on the choochung (pacifier) holding it in place in Lucas' mouth, because they did notice that the choochung did help a little.

As for me, I am passing the days with excellent O2 levels. When I sleep those levels sometimes drop a little, but not much. So yesterday, as I was enjoying an O2 saturation of high 90s with no additional oxygen, I decided to take a short nap - just minutes before the doctors entered my room. There had already been chatter about releasing me and it was a 90 percent chance I'd be home that night. All was well. Until the doctors walked in. Instantly, sensing even from a deep sleep a need to be dramatic, my O2 saturation levels plunged from a comfortable 92 to 85, setting off all sorts of bells, whistles and alarms. Immediately the team of doctors rendered their verdict: I was not to go home unless we had a pre-arranged tank of O2 awaiting me there.

And of course, all the paperwork and the machines require more than one day of running around to obtain it all. So abba is continuing his running around today to secure my very own home O2 tank. I'm sure it will look great next to the Christmas tree!

My latest performance sort of stole some thunder from Lucas' homecoming. He was kicked out of the maternity ward at the same time I was putting on my show for the doctors. Mommy, abba and Mimi brought him home and then abba and mimi came back to the hospital. No one saw his cute little Christmas outfit with the reindeer on his feet and butt (well some angels with meals on wheels who came to bring food did get the privilege later). There were no glorious family photos or any welcoming parties. Just an empty cold apartment that many of us haven't seen for days if not weeks (or ever in Lucas' case).

Nevertheless, he is warming the apartment for me and my impending arrival home today. We did get to meet on Skype, finally, on Tuesday night. Lucas from home and me from the hospital. I kissed the iPad with sheer joy. He sort of just zoned out like newborns do, but deep down he really appreciated the gesture. I could tell.

And now that he has arrived home Lucie, of all "people," has met my baby brother in person before I have!

Grand welcoming committee: Lucie

Lucie met Lucas before I did!


  1. Would appear that Lucas looks a bit like Tony. Glad to hear everyone is coming home.

  2. Welcome home Lucas!! Soon for you sweet Daniel! Sweet rest for all of you.

  3. Mommy and Abba are soooo lucky to have TWO precious sons!!! We love you all.