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Sunday, December 25, 2011

For Unto Us a Child is Born!

My final photo as an only child, just hours
before my brother's arrival

Before the famous website EmmyLeaks (named after my Zia Em who leaked the news of my brother's birth on Facebook prior to my even knowing about it and getting the chance to announce it myself!!) exposes even more top secret information, I would like to take this occasion of Christmas day to say:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing! And Joy to the World! Because...

For unto us a child is born! Unto us (another) son is given! And his name shall be called (and finally I have more info to release than Zia Em): Lucas Peter Jansezian.

Not wanting to steal any thunder from Jesus, which was quite humble and respectful of him, Lucas decided to be born two days before Christmas, on Christmas Eve Eve, Dec. 23 at 8:30 p.m. on the dot. It was a Friday night, Erev Shabbat, and the fourth night of Hanukkah.

But to weave in another Christmas carol, I'd like to ask, What Child is This? I mean, I haven't met him yet. I have no proof of his existence. There has been no DNA sample presented to me validating our biological connection. And, from the pictures I've seen, there is also no physical resemblance between my Euro-styled self and this dark-skinned, swarthy child. He has a mohawk and I have a swirl. His skin already looks tan compared to my porcelain complexion, and yet Lucas has yet to see the sun. Perplexing issues for a baby to reconcile.

We do have some similarities, however. We both beat our due dates, but me by three weeks, Lucas by just over three hours. I win! We both suffered from diaper change trauma, a temporary condition experienced when transitioning from womb to reality of the unnatural phenomenon of wearing pampers. And we both made appearances on Skype within mere hours after our births and then began our modeling careers at an astoundingly young age with our faces constantly sought after by paparazzi.

The bad news is that while he didn't beat me out of the womb, he might beat me out of the hospital! Lucas is scheduled to be released tomorrow while my status is touch and go. My levels must be in the 90s without an O2 tube in my nose while I sleep. Until then, I am stuck here. Of course, we know the real reason for the doctors keeping me here – and that is my magnetism and charm. However, they use the excuse of this darned machine that measures O2 saturation levels in my blood. So, to throw in another Christmas carol, pray for a Silent Night! Please!!! And in the spirit of Hanukkah, pray that we may also say tomorrow, “Nes gadol haya po!” A great miracle happened here!

My Christmas cantata with the doctors earlier today
(See how they look at me? No wonder they are keeping me)

At the very least, Ephraim's mommy, Dassie, had a great idea for us based on our overwhelming Skype usage: Perhaps I could meet my baby brother via computer even though we are just a few floors away. That could work until I am un-quarantined and less of an infectious biohazard to others!

Meanwhile, it is Christmas day and Santa has yet to make an appearance in the Jewish state of Israel. I guess that is understandable. And since I probably won't believe in him, I am okay with that. Better luck next year for us. However, someone even more special than Santa took a special ride on a sleigh fashioned by Al Italia Airlines, across the Atlantic Ocean and several timezones, in order to come see me: GongGong has arrived! And rumor has it that he, like Santa, brought a few suitcases of gifts that we will open one of these days when we all return home.

GongGong??!! Shock.

And awe!

Here is GongGong cheating on me with Lucas

At least we still have two Christmases left: We could be Greek (great name choice for Lucas, sounds Greek) and celebrate Greek (and other Orthodox) Christmas on Jan. 6. And then, to round out, we have Jerusalem Armenian Orthodox Christmas on Jan. 18. Hopefully we don't need to wait that long. But in the meantime, we have options.

So, to all of you who read this today, because you most likely missed the birth announcement because it was on Shabbat and you were observing, Happy Hanukkah and at least you got to know the name first. And to those of you who are reading this post-Christmas because you were too busy with enviable family time, good food and fun presents around the tree, remember, the first shall be last and Merry Christmas! We all win in the end.

Merry Christmas or Happy Sixth Night everyone!

From floor 0, the maternity ward,
via Skype AND Facetime,
through New York City,
to the 3rd floor children's ward at
Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem.


  1. amen!!awww, sooo wonderful!!praise God!
    such a beautiful name...we're happy for you!! Lara and Rony

  2. Congrats Nicole !! You are blessed all the way around and tell your parents the McMahon's wishes them and you all a Very Merry Christmas!

  3. Such a beautiful and amazing family!!! Quite a marathon you have run the last 3 weeks!!! So excited for your sweet family!

  4. Congratulations! I pray for Daniel to get home soon - come on O2 levels get in the high 90's! Welcome to the world little Lucas. God Bless.

  5. Congratulations on becoming a "big" brother Daniel! Please send your family our best wishes! Love from the Wanaseljas :)

  6. Congratulations!

    Margaret & Elliot