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Monday, August 29, 2011

Battening Down the Hatches - Many Firsts in my First Week in NY

"Welcome Daniel and his Parents and Sherlock
(my little bro) too."

Unless you are privy to me living in the same house as you or are my great grandparents or close family, many of you may be wondering how I did on the plane and where I have been, what new and exciting firsts have occurred in my life in the last two weeks. Perhaps you are wondering if our plane accidentally crossed the Bermuda Triangle while sojourning to America or if I am still suffering from jet lag. Or maybe you are concerned that I have been swallowed up by the lips that have been kissing me in New York or that maybe some natural disaster has sent me scurrying to find shelter.

In fact, only some of the above contributed to the reasons for my lack of journaling in the last few days. And even better excuses on top of that. No instead, it was a series of firsts in my first week and a half here that thwarted my blogging, from natural disasters to natural occurrences. In fact, I have now experienced the Trifecta of natural disasters and all in NY: blizzards (in December and January while here), earthquakes and hurricanes! Wow - who could ask for a better vacation? Well, my parents could. I've heard them mumbling and whining about the weather conditions several times so far. Anyway, I digress. Allow me to go back to my excuses for not blogging.

First I was stymied by jet lag. That took a few days, but I overcame it with aplomb. That was, of course, immediately followed by tooth lag when, for two straight nights (or was it three?), I was up all night screaming in agony, not jet lag related. And since misery loves company I involved the entire household in my all nighters. Much less graceful than the jet lag, but, in my defense, I have five teeth jockeying to come through all at the same time. Only one made it though and I am proud to report that yes, I have a tooth. And it is on top no less. The adults, naturally, didn't know for sure it was a tooth and were plying me with all sorts of natural remedies to overcome whatever was ailing me. Also, my parents kept checking the bottom row only for signs of a tooth when finally Aunt Majda was the only one who thought to brave the upper row and was duly rewarded with a sharp jab to her finger. Bingo! It might have even been there for two days and no one would've known!

Excuse my parents. My doctor told them that those swollen gums on top were not going to materialize into teeth. Moral of the story - don't trust doctors. Oh and remember that dentist who insisted it was impossible to know whether teething hurt? Fire him.

My "nap times" on Mimi and GongGong's bed
We tracked the progress of Hurricane Irene
on that swirl on my head.

These two events were interspersed by a party - my second first birthday party but my first in New York! I had lots of family - fourth, fifth and maybe sixth cousins in attendance, including the tiniest of all, a 6-week-old little darling named Viola! My parents already can't remember me being that small!

Then after tooth lag came hurricane hype. For four days leading up to the actual arrival of Irene we were bombarded by crazy media reports and frantic NY City and New Jersey mayors, governors and spokesmen canceling mass transit well before the rain even started with my new favorite Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey sternly warning sunbathers: "Get the hell off the beach!" And the rain started Saturday making me a veritable prisoner in my own Mimi and GongGong's house. Apparently we joined the fray and lost power eventually, but my life remained unaffected since I drink room-temperature bottles and most of my toys are battery operated. Well, except for my blog. And we still have no power, which is why I am blogging from Panera, another first in my life. (Not Panera - I've already visited here several time, but blogging from here is a first.)

Of course, sprinkle in my first taste of ice cream, a cupcake, an entire plate of ravioli (spinach with vodka sauce), eggplant rollatini, pasticcio, a garlic knot, polenta, Greek lamb kufta and a myriad of other items I can't quite recall.

So, first tooth, first foods, first NY party, first meeting of relatives who were just born, first hurricane, possibly first earthquake but there was also one in Israel that I did not feel and now first blogging experience at Panera (along with all the other Long Islanders who don't have power at their homes). I have so much more upon which to expound that I might have to book myself a permanent table at Panera until we get power back.

Nanni and cousin Cristine

Me with Zia Em meeting Popi

Me with Mimi


  1. Aww Daniel I have missed you and your blogs so much...and I knew you were gonna get teeth!!! Now Elan can legally watch a movie with you (yes this law is Elan's not the governments). Make sure to take your parents out and have fun now that the storm is gone!!

  2. Happy First Birthday Daniel!! Perhaps "the swirl" indicates that you'll be a meteorologist when you grow up! :)