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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Crazy Running Crew

At the Tel Aviv Port escaping the heat,
but meeting the miserable world of humidity.
We are in the depths of summer, for months already, and many of you may be wondering, "What is Daniel doing during his first full summer?"

Well, that is a great question to which I have an answer - and many, many photos. I will divide it into a series of posts, beginning with this one about mommy's running group.

First, let me say, that I have been told this summer is not nearly as hot as last summer. Due to the insane heat of last year, I was done cooking early and arrived three weeks before my due date. That said, I find it hard to believe that this summer is cooler. The safety bumper around my crib blocks the breeze, when there is one. My car seat and stroller are torture chambers, trapping heat and keeping me all sweaty and clammy. Our apartment also seems to trap heat and we have had to make a few dashing escapes to air conditioned environs.

But even better escapes have been our weekend expeditions! On several consecutive weekends, we have met up with some crazy people: Alisha, Barry and Mike (also known as M1). I label them as crazy because they tend to ignore the broiling weather and go for a run while abba and I stroll along in my carriage. I shouldn't complain though - these insane expeditions have afforded me views of the Jerusalem hills surrounding my hospital, the impossibly large and plentiful Yarkon Park, the breezy and trendy Tel Aviv Port and even my first beach experience in Netanya.

It all started well and good with Barry and Mike at the
post-run coffee session at Sataf (Jerusalem)

Then things got a little weird

Mike, trying to recruit this new runner who doesn't yet walk,
thought the sweaty headband would lure me

Barry assumed the sweaty bandana would become
my trademark, following in his footsteps. No.

Now that is more like it! Carry me -
I'm not running!
 Then we branched out. Instead of the 20-minute drive to the outskirts of Jerusalem we braved the confusing roads of Tel Aviv. And we were amply rewarded:

I took my position as head of the table,
on the table

Barry and Mike still trying to recruit me. I opted for bib
instead of bandana and headband this time.

I always eat well on these occasions, especially with such
a view. Who can beat it? Mediterranean dining, ah.

Another run, another restaurant,
also at the port

If I won't wear his headband, he pinches me!

But Alisha was there to save me.

I prefer flying to running! Wouldn't you?

Or getting tickled. Even though it is torture.

London Cafe in Netanya - possibly the
best post-run meal yet!


  1. I'm with you Daniel running in this heat is just crazy.

  2. You have found the best kind of running yet: The "carry me and feed me" type of running is definitely cool!

  3. I miss you and Israel. Oh, and your parents too.