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Monday, August 15, 2011


I am 1! 
On this day, exactly one year ago, I performed my first act of mercy, probably the first of many for my life. It was over 100 degrees out and it had been reaching temperatures like that for weeks already. So I decided my early emergence into the world would be a great act of kindness to mommy who had been carrying me through the interminable summer. Three weeks before the predicted due date, a surprise to many, I made my appearance in the world at 8:47 p.m. on Aug. 15. As a bonus, we got to stay in the air-conditioned hospital for a week, riding out the worst heat wave yet of the summer.

Since then I have had some amazing experiences. I have eaten hundreds of items for the first time; passed through innumerable phases of napping and sleeping from my infamous war with sleep to my historic treaty with that axis of evil; I have progressed from a hate to a love relationship with toys; and have worked on all sorts of modeling shots for various brands including Polo (photo below) none of which were paid gigs, however.

Me at 6 weeks. Surely Ralph Lauren wants to hire me.
I achieved various milestones including recognizing the ring for a Skype call, sleeping sitting up in my crib, quietly pooing on my grandfather and receiving a diploma at the age of 10 months when I graduated from my program at Shalva. I have met many doctors, enjoyed open heart surgery and crossed the Atlantic on planes on two round trips.

And now, for what my parents say is the biggest birthday present any 1 year old can receive, I am about to embark upon the first Atlantic crossing of my second year (although it seems to me that this present is as much for my parents as it is for me). This time, I intend to experience many more firsts including eating New York pizza for the first time. And especially with Margaret when I get to meet her for the first time!

For my Erev Birthday (in Israel holidays begin the night before, but actually we had to leave the night of my actual birthday so the day before was a more convenient party day), we had a small celebration where I was supposed to practice eating my cake. It was an overwhelming experience for me.

Practice birthday cake(s) for me (to eat)
and mommy (to make)

They expect me to touch that?! Icky.

The expectations and attention were
a tad overwhelming for me

On the verge of a meltdown...

Rescued in time!
Then onto the gift phase of the soiree.

Onto presents... this one painted by artist Jireh
just for moi! Special commission, of course.

Elan helped open my presents while I played with my feet

When he wasn't helping me open presents, Elan helped me learn to read!

On my actual birthday, I had my last day of therapy with Michal, the occupational therapist. One day I may look back at being required to work on my birthday as sacrilegious, but mommy is banking on me not remembering details of this auspicious occasion as I am only one. But to make up for the work aspect, I got more kisses and hugs than actual therapy today as Michal was loathe to part with me. Not many can blame her, so I hear.

As the year progressed I developed into my own person. I am not the baby who likes to smash my birthday cake with my hands and get messy when I eat. But I do like bath time and could splash in a bath or pool for hours. I have started to give hugs and have become very cuddly. At the same time I have also become extremely wriggly (cause for concern on our upcoming flight). I speak a lot, but nobody else seems to understand me yet. Maybe someday they will learn my language, but it looks like I am going to be forced to learn theirs.

Oh, and then there is my hair swirl which has grown and developed along with me.

At 7 days old, you can see the makings of my magical hair swirl
Now I am moving onto year two and a bunch of "news" already await me including starting "school" in the fall and a baby brother for Christmas!

So I am just zooming forward in this world. Apparently, this year has flown by for some people, but, to be perfectly honest, this was already the longest year of my life!

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  1. Daniel,
    Happy Birthday!!! I am waiting for you with open arms.