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Thursday, August 4, 2011

And all I Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt ... and a Goat

The goats were exciting - until I heard that Zia Em
came face to face with an elephant!
You know those famous t-shirts that people buy for family and friends as souvenirs from a trip? For example: "My aunt went to Africa and all she got me was this lousy t-shirt." Well, I don't know much about them since I'm relatively new to the world, but mommy tells me my following experience is similar on some levels.

It goes like this: My Zia Em (zia is Italian for aunt) went to Uganda this summer and she saw an ELEPHANT! Meanwhile, as part of my summer excursions, we drove a whopping 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem and I saw ... a goat. Actually hundreds of goats.

How do you compare goats to elephants? Sorry goats, but you can't.

Disappointment aside, it was good to be out in nature and get to see some four-legged creatures besides Lucie, the black and white cat who shares the apartment and avoids me at all costs now as I've improved my reach and grab.

I went with my friend Elan and we brought our parents along.

Elan and his mommy, Dee

As usual, it was very hot and dusty. As were the goats.

Elan is brave. I have a lot to learn from him!

This one especially liked mommy and had a
hard time leaving her leg behind

Off to make some goat cheese
after a tough day of eating grass

The goats come back to the farm at exactly 2 p.m. making them the only mammals in the Middle East who are ever on time. So after our exciting picnic basket lunch of goat cheese, goat cheese, goat yogurt and more goat cheese, we returned to the trail to wait for the return of the goats. And as the clock struck 2, they all came sauntering back from their stroll in the hills.



(I threw this in as proof: No comparison!)
After petting some goats and finishing off our unfulfilling picnic of goat cheese products, most of which I regurgitated, we decided to return to civilization. And we went to a restaurant to eat. 

Here we are at Focaccia.
Much more civilized.

Then we took a non-family photo. That family photo that
came in Ben's wallet (if you can see it) is not Dee and Elan. 


  1. Haha too funny....about the nonfamily photo in Ben's wallet.

  2. You must ask Zio Richie about our trip to Jamaica and "tipping the goat boy".