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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Revenge: My Parents Enact Some Sleep-Time Paybacks

All sorts of new sleeping positions have been discovered recently
Tonight my parents were just waiting for me to stir at midnight. It was like a trap and I fell right into it. Sure enough I began to stir. And the funny thing was, instead of them coaxing me back to sleep, this time they put me in a new diaper, fresh clothes and the lights remained on. Very odd.

Within 30 minutes, still awake, we were in the car. I did succumb to sleep then for a short while. But then I awoke to a din, crowds and more electronic boards with lights than I have ever seen in my short life. Questions ensued as security guards spoke to us. Lines of people. Luggage checks. More lines - long lines, waiting for tickets, waiting for hand luggage checks, waiting for passport stamping. Then sitting and waiting for a flight.

Why were we awake? I could see it was still dark outside. Everything, my entire order of the universe, was thrown into utter chaos! For once, in the wee hours, no one had a problem with my wakefulness. It was quite exhausting.

I see that I am victim to a conspiracy, but at the same time I realize that, according to the chatter, I may be well on my way to conquering jet lag. After all, it was still just 9 p.m. in New York after all security was said and done and I was sitting wide awake at 4 a.m. in the lounge in Tel Aviv waiting for my flight to board. Perhaps this is a good thing.

Well, buon viaggio to me as we travel through Italy on our way to New York. By the way, mommy wants GongGong to know, for the record, that by 4 a.m. she had already kissed my head 1,000 times. And we hadn't even boarded a plane yet.

This is what happens when you fight sleep

...And then just pass out in place, head crashing to the mattress.

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