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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Way to Sleep

Caught in the act: supposed to be sleeping, but playing instead
Last week I discovered a new way to sleep: sitting up. Yes, after months and months of allowing my parents to live in peace, I perfected a new move designed to drive panic into the hearts of adults worldwide. And once I perfected the move from prone to sitting, I wanted it no other way. It is now impossible to keep me down. 

A cousin of mine, who long ago perfected the art of sitting up, quickly also mastered the next move - pulling up then flying over the crib handles. This shocking but brave attempt at flight landed him on the floor for which he suffered only a temporary setback. I think he has a future in avionics. Bravo, cuz!

Imagine their shock when my parents saw from a
distance this little head above the sides of the crib

After finding me in this shocking and new position, and anticipating copying my cousin as my next move, abba and mommy took a lesson from that and quickly lowered the crib mattress to its lowest level. 

We learned something new as well. They call is a safety bumper for a few reasons - I've tapped my head on the wood several times already. Ouch!

I like my new view of the world
So much easier to grab things from here
Even camera straps!
My "Jersey Shore" pose

Just too excited to sleep!


  1. Okay love the Jersey Shore pose...he's just too cute!!

  2. Your cousin gave his mother a heart attack when he attempted that stunt...I'm still recovering. Smart move on Momma and Abba for lowering the mattress before you discover to pull yourself them the permanent sound of you going "THUMP" in their heads. Can't wait to see you in a few days XOXOXO

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