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Monday, September 5, 2011

Partying in New York

It is hard to blog when you are on vacation. My days are consumed with kiss-starved family and friends who monopolize my cheeks rather than allow me to write, not to mention my requisite naps and enormous Italian meals which seem to stretch on ad infinitum. Nevertheless, I found a few moments to break free from all this and go back in time to post some photos.

Let me go back to our first weekend. On Saturday, GongGong and Mimi threw me my first New York party, a small backyard soiree involving many cousins from both sides of my Italian family. My birthday party, however, coincided with some mad teething days and I had moments of being in a bit of a mood that made me want to shy away from the crowds and moan in private. I felt safest on Nanni's lap with Nanni and Popi watching over me.

Then came the dreaded cake moment. Though it was a cute lion cupcake, I still didn't want to touch it. It has been a year and my parents still don't realize one thing about me: I do not like to eat with my hands.

They always trick me into touching food.
But in the end, they feed me properly - with their hands, not mine.
Even this gets a bit awkward.
They finally smarten up and do it the right
way - with a spoon. Simple manners.
End result: Mess. And...
... and sheer chocolate happiness.
The paparazzi couldn't get enough of me 
Cousin Jake had no problem grabbing the cupcake.
I had a chance to hold Cousin Leah's hand.
Then I deejayed at my own party!
But more importantly, I received a special gift:
An accordion from a famous accordionist.
Popi will be giving me lessons so I too can be famous.

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