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Friday, September 9, 2011

My Very First Hurricane

Me braving Hurricane Irene
Despite living in another country, many of my significant "firsts" have occurred during my short times in America. And many of those have involved natural disasters.

For instance, when I was in New York in December, I experienced my first blizzard. It seemed to be an ongoing snow storm that began the day after Christmas and dragged temperatures to a permanent below-freezing level with ice lining the streets the entire rest of our duration in the US.

Accordingly, we planned to return again in the summer, not in the winter, so we could actually visit people, shop and even leave the house every so often. So in August we sojourned to the Big Apple for our annual visit.

Then came Irene. The hurricane taught us an important lesson: There is no safe time to visit New York.

Not that we were in danger of anything but boredom. We were fine, except for losing electricity for 36 hours. And, just like the blizzard, I was sort of oblivious to the consequences of the storm. I was still fed and entertained as per usual. I didn't succumb to the same boredom as others, like my parents and Zia Em who rely on internet for their livelihood, since my toys are mostly battery operated. Not to mention, I slept through the heavy winds and rain which came inconspicuously overnight. For me, there wasn't anything of which to be afraid.

And after that night of rain, we all ventured outside to view the devastation that befell the neighborhood (again, minor except for a few unfortunate cars). It was my first time out in post-hurricane conditions and what a photo opportunity it was. Though this was a few weeks ago, the photos made it a noteworthy event to revisit.

Zia Em and I surveying the felled trees

Here we are on Mimi and GongGong's block

Another view of downed trees

The only remains of Hurricane Irene were
her footprints on my head

Abba traded in a shovel for a rake on his vacation

Picking up sticks is better than shoveling hundreds of feet of snow.
But it is not the preferred way to spend your "vacation."

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