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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Last Shall be First on my First Day of School

Yes, I was just a tad excited to be starting school again.
Or at least to see Nechama as she snapped the picture!
Lucas seems about as happy as I am at school
Mommy appears to be over this "first day of school" business already. Embarking upon my second year was not accompanied with all the fanfare of my first first day of school (see this link for delicious photos and a stroll down memory lane). For one, mommy forgot her camera. Also at issue was the problem that Shalva started during a week of lots of appointments for all of us and I only went to school one day anyway. And last but not least, Lucas also had his first day which, apparently, needed some recognition.

I felt better though that at least mommy also forgot her camera for poor Lucas' first day as well. In fact, with babies occupying all arms these days, the truth is there is no room for a real camera in our lives. Only phones with cameras.
Ella with "Pepito" as he is called. We know him as El Nino.
Here is Lucas with one of his French friends
My new school year, even after just one day, has already presented mommy and abba with another conundrum: what to do with all my "crafts" that I create. Some have been graciously magneted to the refrigerator while the majority of my artwork has been relegated to a to-be-determined pile. Sentimentalism is at war with reality: most of my work consists of stickers, lines and dots (not quite Impressionist dots), so a verdict has yet to be rendered whether this pile is worth saving.

The optimist argues that these objects could be very valuable one day and even hold a room in a museum somewhere. Hmm. Think about that one before cleaning house!

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