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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to Zia Em! (Finally)

We are smothering Zia Em with our love
Wherever one of us, the other is sure to follow
The pundits may ask whether "finally" means that finally Zia Em visited us in Israel (she was last here two weeks before I was born), or whether I finally wrote a blog since her arrival more than two weeks ago.

But either way, while this blog has been dormant since school started, I have been anything but. For starters, I brought home a welcome-back-to-school virus that I kindly shared with whole family including Zia Em. Then of course we had all sorts of distractions, visits and good times with Zia Em in a prelude to Mimi and GongGong's visit just days from now and hours after Zem departs.

Zia Em and I sharing good times at Tal Bagels.
Ah, the good ol days!

Lucas and Zia Em sharing a cuddle at The Colony

Zem is still here for a few days so we must have as much fun as we can. In the meantime, here is a little peek into our good times:

AND, here is a blast from the past, never before posted on this blog, of a visit in May from Uncle Matt and Aunt Majda:

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