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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shana Tova from the Babies!

Lucas HaMatok = sweetness

Daniel HaMatok = sweetness
Shana tova u'metuka - as sweet as me! Have a happy and sweet new year - as sweet as I am. And in that case, it will be a yummy year!

In honor of the Jewish civil new year, which begins this evening (Sunday), I thought I would create a list of  New Year's Resolutions for mommy and abba. So here is a list of suggestions in the form of questions that Lucas and I crafted for our parents hoping they will make the coming year even brighter:

  • Why are plastic bags not okay to play with? Resolution: Stop taking them away from us!
  • Why must you prevent us from playing with cords and wires? Resolution: Give us free reign over these items, incidentally our favorite toys!
  • Why do you insist on wiping our noses with tissues, which annoy us immensely? Resolution: Allow us to use your shirts or pants, which are much better options.
  • Why do you get to play with computers and phones but we don't? Resolution: This year, we would like to have computer time even if that means our drool washes the keyboard. Let us touch the expensive electronic devices!
  • What is so wrong with us sprinkling soil from the flower pot all over the balcony? Resolution: Please allow us to enjoy our homemade sandbox even if we do drag dirt everywhere around the apartment.
  • Please allow us to share pacifiers and bottles. They taste better that way.
  • Please allow me the right to come up with more, whenever we devise some new vices.
And we part on this serious bit of cuteness:
(and the continuation...)

Happy New Year everyone! 

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