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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Part 3 (Farewell Zia Em), Part 1 (Welcome Mimi and GongGong) and a Change of Time

Studying under the tutelage of Zia Em during
her babysitting expedition

Monkey see...

But which one is the originator and who is the copycat?
What would you do if you had an extra hour added to the sleeping hours of the night? As the adults in my life geared up for daylight savings, which just occurred yesterday in Israel, they spoke of that valuable extra hour granted to them at night in which they longed to sleep 60 more precious minutes. But as you might have already guessed, that is not what a baby would do with an extra hour.

Babies prefer to take the bull by the horns. For one, we like to be ready and alert at 2 a.m. to physically change the clock at the exact time it is supposed to technically change. Then we like to wake up at 2 a.m. again so that we can experience the one day a year we get two 2 a.m.'s! Then, since the time change really meant nothing different to our bodies, we awake between 4 and 5 a.m. as if it is any other day between 5 and 6 a.m.

In fact, it is almost like jet lag! It will probably take one terribly exhausting week for mommy and abba as Lucas and I adjust to the new time over here. Tonight we began clamoring for bed at 6 p.m.! Well, who can blame us? The sun was already tucked away for the night and we wanted to be as well.

It has been a week of changing times: We exchanged Zia Em for Mimi and GongGong. Zem spent her last few hours with us nursing a virus that we had probably bequeathed her as a parting gift. At least she had us to herself that one night when she babysat. We entertained her in various ways and left our mark on her. Especially the snot on her clothes.

We showed Zia Em our favorite game:
staring at ourselves in the mirror
Then we had two short nights between visits. However that is not to say we were without visitors. Gavriella needed her Daniel fix (who wouldn't?) and just happened by on what she labeled "gap night" - basically one of the two nights there was a gap in overseas visitors. She had wanted to overlap with someone from the extended family but as fate would have it, she at least entertained us lest we fall back into a non-visitor pattern...

...Because just hours after Gavi's visit, I disembarked from my bus in the afternoon in my carseat - right into the arms of GongGong. Gasp! Sure, mommy and abba told me they were coming, but until I actually saw Mimi and GongGong, it was hard to imagine them being larger than the screen of an iPad.

However, I recovered quickly from my shock and squeezed Mimi with a hug from which Mimi found it hard to extricate herself. Not that she wanted to. Then I shared some hugs with GongGong. They had previously saw Lucas just minutes after their arrival in Jerusalem, greeting him at the park where his class was having "school."

I quickly fell into my role of chief entertainer and tour guide for M&G. And that shall continue for the weeks to come. With my assistant Lucas, naturally. 

My motorcade and I led Mimi and GongGong to the
Old City for authentic Middle Eastern hummus
And I leave you with a video exemplifying Monkey See, Monkey Do:

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