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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Happens on the Way to the Shalva Daycare...

... stays in the Shalva daycare!

Unless, of course, it gets photographed, emailed, blogged and then goes viral.

And this little love fest occurs every morning after we alight from the school bus and are distributed into our awaiting coaches before being carried us to our respective classes. And this is where my friend and I have our little rendezvous on the aglul, which is Hebrew for "crib on wheels."

What can I say? I am a true lady's man. I have girlfriends in each context of my life. This one, Devori, is my "aglul"girlfriend and she is just as affectionate as I!


  1. ahem! um, oh, excuse me! let's give the little man a bit of privacy? does he take this after abba, or maybe gonkh gonkh??? would she be considered a cougar?? do we need a pre-nup? what happened to the cute chic with the glasses? [go daniel! xoxoxox]

  2. Daniel,

    You are growing up to be quite the ladies man!