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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Raising the Stakes

Lucas and I - jockeying for position

So, Lucas, you think you are cute because you can crawl? You think you simply have to learn to sit up and then get going on all fours to wrest some of the spotlight in your direction? A futile venture, young Jedi.

Because ...  I'll see your crawling, and raise you WALKING!!

I'm sorry to say there are no photos or videos of this because Babies' Law (akin to Murphy's Law) states that I will immediately stop, drop and flop once the camera is focused on said activity to be captured on film. So you are going to have to take my word for it. On Saturday I began taking independent steps - an action that I've noticed commandeers much applause and positive reinforcement, my favorites! I decided to also put on a little show at Shalva as well when we returned to school on Monday. What a way to liven up the last week of the school year!

Now, both at home and at school I can turn on the shower of attention by simply walking from Point A to Point B rather than crawling or scooting. I have taken note of this phenomenon. And, my BGF (best girlfriend) Hallel and I are on the same clock as she also started walking this weekend!

Who knows what secrets lurk in the
hearts and minds of babies?

Actually, these steps of mine, taken with such aplomb, were such a natural fluid movement that it looked like I've had this trick up my sleeve for quite some time. And maybe I have. Perhaps I have chosen to conceal this skill from the masses. After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that once I admit to walking that the days of being carted around like Royalty will come to a swift end.

However, Lucas forced my hand this time. He had to whip out some new skills and challenge my sphere of attention.

Okay then, let the games begin!

Hugs! (Or a battle for attention?)

Lucas, working on his innocent look

Come and get me Lucas!

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  1. Congrats !! You guys are beautiful, and never fail to make my day.