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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucas Masters the Trinity of Baby Moves

I teach Lucas the intricacies of the exersaucer

Because I am such a Drama Baby, Lucas has had to find his own way to curry attention. To wit, he has exploited rapid-fire development in his favor.

Accordingly, last week, he accomplished the Trifecta of Baby Development: sitting unsupported, getting into a sitting position and crawling - all in one day. 

Spurred on by my need for 110 percent parental attention from the time I arrive home from school until I am snug in bed, Lucas bullied himself into the circle to wrest a bit of his own attention. He was in intense negotiations with these moves for a few weeks before he perfected them. Actually he spent the weekend perfecting them throughout the night, sitting up in bed rather than sleeping. 

Now there is no rest for the weary (parents). Nary a moment passes where either one of us is not placing ourselves in grave physical danger. So we must be closely guarded as we mobilize in our swath of apartment. 

I savor my new skills, sometimes for months on end. Apparently, Lucas gets bored fast and needs a new skill in his arsenal oh say every week. And if that is how he will steer attention in his direction, that is fine. I understand. 

We do not yet know how Lucas' personality is going to unfold, whether he will be content with shining in the background or if he will voraciously compete with me for the spotlight. But for now he is holding his own.

While I love Lucas, as you will see in this video, I also must, as the elder brother, continually remind him who is the boss:

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