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Saturday, August 25, 2012

When D&G is NOT Dolce & Gabbana

Reunited! Daniel and Gavriella, the original D&G
Lessons no. 1 for parents and other adults: Don't doubt me.

My friends, I may be a baby, but babies have a sixth sense. Sometimes it manifests as the sense of irony that lets me know the moment you are about to fall asleep so that I cry for attention. At other times, it is also a precise sense of timing.

So it was that this sixth sense prompted me to take an oddly timed nap at around 5 to 7 p.m. Though this doesn't usually happen and though some feared I may be down for the night, I was just building up my energy for a visit I knew was on the horizon that evening: Gavriella!

A surprise visit during summer break

With this sixth sense, I knew she would be delayed in her arrival and sit in copious amounts of traffic to get here. I knew exactly what I was doing when I took that nap. So when she did arrive, we got to spend more meaningful hours together.

It had been two weeks since my summer break between Shalva school years and two weeks since I laid eyes on Gavi. So she was quite nervous that I would not remember her. Again, don't doubt me, oh ye of little faith. Of course I remembered Gavi! In fact, our reunion was wrought with much applause, cheering and yadaim al harosh (hands on my head) along with lots of apchees (ahchoos), my instinctual responses upon spotting Gavi. My reaction was a cross between the shocked hand to the head look and overwhelming joy.

Move over Dolce & Gabbana!
More shock ensued as I did all the hand motions for all the songs. Again, don't doubt me. Of course I remember all my songs.

Gavi, of course, treated this visit like she would any day at school and proceeded to lead me in song and dance. And I also treated it like any other day at school where I wow my audience with my uncanny ability to perform all the hand motions for the songs while sprinkling in a few apchees here and there.

Tomorrow, Gavi starts her new position for the year and on Monday I start my second year at Shalva. But I made Gavi promise to visit us frequently - lest I forget her and our songs. And that is a thinly veiled threat from a half-Italian baby. Got that, Gavi?

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  1. WOW..
    Daniel you have the ladies beating down the door already!!