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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Jansezian Olympics

Training at the playground for my Olympics debut

For the last two weeks, the baby TV channel has been on hold as we were all obsessed with the Olympics instead. Lucas and I have taken notes and inspiration from these elite athletes as they accomplished such amazing feats. 

In fact, we established our own Olympic competitions in the past two weeks. I invented a new sport that will soon become an Olympic favorite: Bob Tipping. Remember how I called my brother Bob for awhile there? Well, Bob Tipping is my own special twist on the ancient sport of cow tipping played in the days of yore near farms and such. I am perfecting a version of that. Now that Lucas sits rather securely I test my strength - and his balance - by pushing him backwards. If I am successful we all hear a loud clunk on the tile floor. Gold for me! Another part of the strategy is doing this without being seen. When I get caught by my parents, this new skill gets me in trouble. I may be looking at early retirement.

Wrestling on the mat

Successful Bob Tipping

Another fun event is the one in which Lucas is going for a new WR: Size of Items that Can be Stuffed into a Baby's Mouth. Lucas is a natural at that. Like weightlifting, this sport is progressive. It starts with a biscuit, then a toy, then he moves up to a cell phone, and then Lucas went for gold - he shoved the iPad into his mouth! Almost in its entirety. Needless to say, he won the event. 

Lucas vs. The Machine. Lucas won!

Inspired by Usain Bolt, I decided to speed up my 100-inch dash across the living room. Each day I set a new personal record in walking. Lucas, being the brute that he is, has mastered the Pull Up. Any surface he finds himself at, Lucas hoists himself to standing. His personal best in standing was set when he stood up in the pack-and-play with nary a surface to pull himself up with. He managed to get up using just the netting. 

Bored then with merely standing, Lucas has thrown in a bit of cruising as well. He would have probably taken the gold, but he needs to work on his dismount. He is actually scared to fall backward as opposed to me - a veritable champ at butt dropping. Lucas instead cries because he is stuck in the standing position and needs help bending his perfectly flexed legs to complete the dismount.

Besides serving as referees and coaches for all of our sports, mommy and abba have had their own Olympic event: Picking up the Shattered Pieces of their Lives. That is a time sensitive sport that begins shortly after "bed time." Abba and mommy challenge themselves to new records each night as they put our toys away. It is a challenge to collect, sort, stack and stash using a bit of athleticism and much strategy. Memorizing he order of the colored ring stack (green, blue, orange, red, yellow, purple, pink); locating the landing spots of all the launched cheechongs (pacifiers); wiping drool and smeared peanut butter off the floor; etc.

Mommy and Abba's game... and sorting. Fun!

Though the 2012 Olympics is over in London the Jansezian Games in Jerusalem will continue for now in festive fashion. After all, I know abba and mommy want to set a new personal record for cleaning!

The only event in which I lost: Sleep

But believe me - losing to sleep is rare
and not oft repeated!

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