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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hi my Name is Lucas, but You Can Call me Bob!

Happy Birthday Zia Em!
(I wonder where Lucas got this nifty shirt?)
Today was an auspicious day. No, not just because it is Zia Em's birthday or Hallel's erev birthday (eve). It was important because it is that day of the month when mommy comes to Shalva to participate with my girlfriends and me in the Ani v'Imi (Me and my Mommy) program. Of course, having nowhere else to go, Lucas accompanies us on this journey.

But, in honor of Zia Em's birthday, happy birthday, Zia Em! Just for you, we were going to work on "Zia" in speech therapy, but we settled for buba (boo-ba) instead, which is Hebrew for doll and which is Daniel for Lucas.
Here's Talia and I deciding from flash cards what
next to do with the dolly which I will then
implement at home with Bob.

Yes, I call Lucas my little dolly. It makes sense if you think about it. In school I learn to give the dolly a bottle, feed her, change her diaper, play with her and then toss her when I'm bored. I either watch or I do all the same things with Lucas - yes, including throw (or try to) - so it stands to reason that he is a doll, my very own buba.

Most of the time I just call him Bob for short.

Zia Em was mommy's dolly I suppose since she came after her. But somehow she was called Sasa instead of buba. I'm not certain how that came about.

That said, it is another buba's birthday tomorrow: Hallel! She beats me to 2 by just over two months. I will be enjoying a piece of cake with her and Ephraim will be on hand as well to round out the Three Musketeers tomorrow.

As for the mommy and me program today, let's just say that a little bit of teething, some exhaustion and a major lack of concentration all conspired to impede any worthwhile photos or videos. Not to mention, Lucas was on hand, so mommy had even fewer hands, especially in physio when I was nearly climbing the walls (not an official part of my session) and Lucas needed to be rocked and rolled to sleep in his stroller.

Speaking of hands, here is me washing mine
under the supervision of the very patient and
energetic Gavriella who just endured a
particularly messy meal with me

As for Lucas, his biggest conundrum today is to decide whether being in my wake for the day is dreadfully boring as he is dragged, folded into a stroller, from therapy to therapy. Or is it beneficial from an educational point of view? I mean, if he is talking and walking in a few weeks, it is probably due to him glomming off of my therapy sessions free of charge.

Might as well make the most of it, Bob.

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