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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Three Wise Babies

Moi. Hallel. Ephraim.

We came, we saw, we conquered.

I do realize that there is not a specific mention of three wise men in the Bible, just three gifts. But in this case, there most certainly were three wise babies. And this is their story.

Just one year ago, the three wise babies congregated and celebrated Hallel's first birthday. It was here that we formed our own version of the Fellowship of the Ring. Hallel, the siren in the pink glasses and pink dress, was the first of the wise babies to reach one year. Just weeks before that, I was the first of the wise babies to undergo open heart surgery for an AV canal issue. Hallel soon followed me and then Ephraim rounded out our very exciting - and harrowing - year with his own OHS in April.

The Fellowship one year ago.
Same bat place, same bat time, same heart surgeon.

Getting a bit vaklempted, Hallel's mommy noted that this time last year, the specter of surgery was still hanging over Hallel and Ephraim's heads, casting a pall over the festivities. And yet, here we all were again, on June 5, 2012, gathered to celebrate Hallel's arrival at 2 years old! And this time, we all bring to the table new hearts, even as we turn the hearts of many with our overwhelming cuteness.

The paparazzi just can't get enough and it was no different on this day (despite the fact that mommy forgot her camera! Thank goodness for "smart" phones).

Ephraim all spiffed up in 'business causal' attire

Is that Marilyn Monroe I see here?
Look what the cat dragged in

Ephraim making a move on Hallel behind my back!

When the bean bag got boring,
we headed for the slide

And it was here where Hallel
made her move!
Come and get me!


Ephraim gives his mommy, Dassie, a kiss
(I'm taking notes in the background)

Hallel and her mommy, Gaby, share a hug

I gave mommy some love too.
And my trademark smile :)

Stay tuned for next year's Tale of the Three Wise Babies

1 comment:

  1. Be careful, Daniel! That is how i captured your unca richard. First i threw up my dress and showed my big pink bloomers, and then slid down a slide and landed atop of him! woo hoo! true love. [you little doll, you!]