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Monday, June 11, 2012

What Happens on the Shalva Bus...

... stays on the Shalva bus!

Me and my cheechong are not easy to part. Though Lucas
managed to wrest it from my mouth once. I let him.

There is a reason it is called a "pacifier."

One week I ended up with my girlfriend's eyeglasses in my car seat. And another week I added some more mystery and spice to my ride home from school!

There isn't much to write here because I refuse to tell exactly how it all transpired. But the end results were thus: One afternoon last week, I emerged from the Shalva bus with a bright yellow pacifier securely riveted between my lips. A pacifier that I do not happen to own.

My parents were duly perplexed if not a bit nervous about whose germs I was now partnering with and what possible medical issue would follow.

Abba asked the driver how I got this particular cheechong. The driver responded that I boarded the bus with it.


A call was placed to Shalva immediately to mommy's spy on the inside. Rather than solve the mystery, Gavriella, equally perplexed, only added to the puzzle. She reported that I left school with no pacifier and she can confirm that because she personally buckled me, cheechong-less, into my car seat. And to further confound us all, none of the Shalva kids use pacifiers. I am unique in this habit.


So, from whence did the yellow pacifier come? From whom did I swipe it? Or did someone share it or lend it to me? Was it a gift? Was it another girlfriend and is pacifier swapping a sign of going steady? Did an angel fly down from heaven to pacify me in my moment of need when I couldn't locate my own cheechong?

I cannot unravel this mystery for you. The Secret Code of Babies, remember? But I promise to write a blog post in the future revealing the mystery of this strange word choice for "binky." It can never be simple with me, can it?

Ephraim and I practicing "synchronized sleeping" in
advance of the upcoming Olympics

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