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Friday, June 10, 2011

Daniel Parties On

Me and my party animal friends, Hallel and Ephraim
This week, I attended my very first birthday party. Way back during my first days at Shalva about eight months ago, I made a good friend who was also attending the Me and my Mommy Program. And Hallel just turned one! Hallel lives close by and her mommy threw a big birthday party for her and we were invited.

At Hallel's birthday party, I met Ephraim too. Ephraim was born just about 10 days after me! This party was my first experience not being the only baby in a large setting in a long time. Yes, there are several babies at Me and My Mommy, but we all have our own individual experiences and personal trainers, so I remain the center of attention at all times. There isn't much interaction with the other babies except for during pool time. However, at that point a form of Darwinism kicks in and we all fend for ourselves. Many times the pool experience unravels into crying fits and, one by one, we babies are removed from the pool due to fear of hyperventilation. You see, the pool isn't refreshing relaxing, it actually involves some challenging work.

But I digress. Back to the party. We babies all rolled around on the grass, three of us around the same general size and age. Social interaction with peers rather than adults is a new phenomenon for me and one I plan to further explore. Of course, large gatherings of my baby cousins are already being planned for August when I pilgrim to New York. so I have to practice my baby interaction.

Walking is overrated - here Hallel is practicing flying

A trio of cuteness

Can you tell who is the serious one here? Not I. Not Hallel.

Here you can see I was practicing other skills:

Step 1: Identify target

Step 2: Move in

Step 3: Make my move

Step 4: Secure target
My first girlfriend? Hm. 


  1. party on dudes! & hallel says Daniel can be her boyfriend if he promises not to eat her dress!

  2. I'm nick naming him Dan Juan now - what a little Casanova! :)

  3. OH MY SOUL!!! This is hysterical, Daniel got some moves....LOVE IT!!!

  4. Dearest Daniel,
    I have spent some time getting to know you so that I can share with my sweet Mattie boy what a brave little warrior you are. I hope that when I tell him about "Daniel from Israel," that it will encourage him and help him to be brave and strong too!
    Thank you for praying for My sweet Mattie boy. He is a fighter too!
    He was so excited when I read your note to him and showed him your photo today. Thank you so much for sending it to him.
    Much Love,
    Mattie's Momma

  5. Hi Daniel,
    Keep your eyes on the Creator NOT on God's creation. The party looks like so much fun! God bless you!!!