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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daniel is Upstaged! By Himself

Me, several months ago, in a candy store. Yum!
Just yesterday, to be nice, mommy revealed to her mommy, a Daniel-deprived Mimi, that she had uploaded an extra video of Yours Truly to youtube, but we had not yet unveiled it on my blog. Mimi found it, watched it, screamed in delight and then quickly shared the joy with several people by forwarding the link. 

Not long after that, Zia Em, in a fit of thrill, also decided to share her joy ... with the world. And thus, she upstaged me and my blog by posting this video to her own facebook wall. Did you know she has something like 1 million friends? That is way more than mommy's sub-1,000 friend list. 

I dare say the video has gone near viral thanks to Zem. 

Zia Em and I have a lot in common. For one, we have the ability to resist sleep when we don't want to miss out on something. In fact, when I was in New York I was like the city itself - the baby that never slept. Zia Em was instrumental in bringing me to see the tree at Rockefeller Center at 11 p.m. I did sleep hard when I went to sleep, and usually for eight hours straight. But I never went to my lonely bed before midnight. Also, Mimi reports another similarity: When Zia Em was a baby she squealed in anger if someone took food away from her. I have just taken up that trait as well. It looks like our undeclared motto is: I want it and I want it now, be it food, fun or action. 

And it was probably that same spirit of instantaneousness that drove Zia Em to share with the world, in the very same moment in which she saw it, my best video to date. So there it was, publicized to her millions on facebook, upstaging my next blog. 

I have learned an important lesson from this: If I am to compete in the realm of Zia Em, I must act fast. 

And so, in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the infamous video in which I have an utter fit of cuteness and I can't stop. Mommy kept asking me to stop being cute so she could pick me up and get on with her day. But I couldn't help myself. It comes naturally I guess. 


  1. Daniel,
    Cute is not the word for you. You are adorable and looking at the video, I want to hug and kiss you. Your grandpa sent me the link at work and i have watched it several times. When my boss asks why I haven't gotten anything done i will have to show him the Daniel video.

  2. SO CUTE....and SO ADVANCED! Being able to upload videos AND blog?! Amazing! Sending you my love from down the road! Nadz x

  3. I think he was reaching for me at the end of the video.