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Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Era

Let the games begin!
We have entered a new era in the baby kingdom. In the last few weeks, mealtime has become a complete and utter mess.

Mommy, being a new mommy, only recently learned that she can give me finger food. She thought finger food and teeth were necessary partners. Up until just a few weeks ago we had tidy feeding sessions. Mommy was in complete control with the spoon and, with a flick of her wrist, would wipe away food remnants around my mouth. Abba too is a bit fastidious and always has wipes on hand. But lately things have started turning ugly. Bibs have nothing on the quickness and alacrity of a baby.

Once the hands are involved, a multitude of chain reactions takes place. For example: After a few minutes, the melt-in-my-mouth biscuit smushes onto my hand. It soon drops from hand into my lap. Instantly my hand shoots upward to rub my eye. Then as mommy reaches to extract the hand from my eye, as quick as a flash, the offending hand has reached my hair. Mommy follows, but by that point the hand is rubbing off the biscuit remnants onto my clothing. and sundry other spots 

And there are many crevasses in which the food can hide especially with my new ample thighs.


That cheerio is supposed to end up in my mouth

But it doesn't always turn out that way

My seat after a particularly messy feeding,
cheerio and biscuit shrapnel everywhere

Another frontier of absolute mealtime chaos is my newly acquired mode of consumption: a straw cup! Liquid flying through a cylinder can be dangerous especially when the concept is still new. Adding to the mess was mommy's lack of control in squeezing the liquid from the honey bear cup: I got showered with yogurt spray each time. After futile attempts at coaxing me into it, mommy had to seek the help of an expert. So my friend Esti at Shalva took some time, and of course, I caught the concept right away once explained by an authority. You can see the miracle occur before your very eyes as captured on video. Also, note the proper pronunciation of the word straw if you hail from the Five Boroughs: S-H-T-R-A-W. Yes, I'm learning proper English.


  1. He looks so great!!! Well done mama! Keep making messes sweet boy!

  2. Wow. First, I couldn't believe when Esti started talking -- she's American!!!?? and not only that, a total NYer?! I hear all about her and had NO idea until that accent -- i completely expected the usual rapid paced Hebrew!! That shocked me more than Daniel's yogurt filled face, which was so cute. By the way, i LOVE that he stared into that camera drinking the whole time!!

  3. Has Mommy warned you that I am going to SQUEEZE you when you get to NY in a few months? Talk to her....