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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Clean Bill of Health

This photo has nothing to do with the following post. But it is cute.
On Sunday, I had my six-week checkup after my heart operation and I am happy to say that everything is just peachy in there. The fun doctor said I don't have to see him for six more months and then after than only once a year just to make sure everything is still kosher.

I will miss these appointments. For one, I was already a budding cardiologist who helped conduct my own ultrasounds. As soon as they shut the lights, I know what is coming. My eyes go wide to adjust to the darkness. Then the remote control with the gel is placed on my chest. At that point I launch into action helping to guide the probe. I am impressed with the high tech equipment too and the opportunity to hear my own heartbeat pulsate throughout the room on the loud speakers. 

I will also miss seeing the cardiologist, Prof. Azariah Rein. He is by far the funnest doctor out there. We have the best appointments ever. He sings, I dance. He chirps like a bird. He allows me to help him during procedure while explaining to me all the intricacies of the heart, including my two vena cavas!   He sings dictation - in opera - which makes it much more interesting than mere rote analysis of my heart.

You know what, let me show you what I am talking about. This should be much more interesting than just reading my musings.

Some highlights included "nice patch," "perfect repair" and "no leakage whatsoever." All good news!


  1. Wonderful news! Rejoicing with all of you on the great report and enjoying the video of Daniel. He is a real cutie and so very alert.

  2. Yes!!! Sweet news! Kiss his sweet cheeks for me.

  3. AH HA HA!! I was cracking up at this! hilarious. like the doctor...and love when Daniel opens his eyes wide!!! Don't think I didn't catch the mom trying to send subliminal messages about the boy's you want to be a cardiologist, Daniel?? ha!!! love it.

  4. How sweet is this video. I just love how expressive Daniel is. The singing doctor is hilarious! I love it!! CONGRATS Daniel!!! You are a shining example of answered prayer! So proud of you little boy!

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