Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

In my hospital bed, surrounded by my fans from
around the world, on TWO Skype calls!
Happy Mother's Day, mommy! For your gift for your very first Mother's Day, how about we go home from the hospital today?? Okay, great - you deserve it.

And with flying colors on my ultrasound, xray and EKG, I was released from the hospital and home we went. I immediately reacquainted myself with my familiar crib and all my long-lost toys. It is good to be home! Here is a video of my welcome home to myself in my luxury crib after one week of plastic hospital beds:

Compare that to my cage-like accommodations at the hospital, but at least the bed was large enough that I could do multiple Skype calls. At least at that point there were more computer wires than any attached to my body!


  1. Daniel shared his thumb with his little stuffed animal. He's so generous!!!!!

  2. Nicole his smile is angelic - It just melts my hear. What a great mother's day present! - Lindy

  3. Nicole,

    Happy Mothers Day!! You guys are awesome.

    Margaret & Elliot

  4. So happy to see you are home! What a great Mother's Day gift!!