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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friends and Five Shekels

Nice to meet you, Lori

In a continuation of my recounting of our busy week, I must mention that I met a new friend, who is an old friend of mommy and abba. Abba tells me there are two sides to every story. Mommy who is a journalist says there are hundreds. But if you want to hear Lori's side of meeting me, here is her account.

Later, we dined al fresco with our friends, Lori, Rob and Alisha, at The Colony, a great restaurant because there is always mashed potatoes on someone's plate, a side dish ordered specifically for me. After dining, the adults sat enjoying conversation and the outdoors while I had a private moment which soon began to permeate the lovely outdoor air in a foul manner.

Oh where to change a diaper in an Israeli restaurant? Most public places here are neither baby nor handicapped accessible and few have a changing table in the bathroom. My stroller is also not a flat enough location for what mommy calls a "regime change" and promises only more mess. The situation was looking grim. Mommy kept eyeing the table, wondering if that would be acceptable and knowing it would be the most convenient. 

Finally, as if reading her thoughts, Alisha piped in, "I'll give you 5 shekels if you change him on the table."

Well, that was all they needed. Immediately they cleared empty plates, glasses and silverware and whipped out a cushioned mat for me. I was laid on the table like the third course of the evening and I instantly started dancing for joy, rolling side to side and instilling fear of imminent destruction. 

Changing a diaper on a restaurant table would probably never have even been a thought in most countries. But this is Israel, after all, and many many things beyond the norm are acceptable. Including a diaper change on a restaurant table. In fact, an Israeli woman who walked by while the deed was being performed, actually laughed and smiled at me. The change was successful.

Step 1: Clear plates and lay baby on the table

Step 2: Have third party hold baby's arms down
while two other adults attempt fast diaper change

Step 3: Snap up onesie and pretend this never happened

Later, while sitting with Lori and admiring her nice dangly necklace. So fascinated was I with the jewelry that I couldn't contain myself and my arms jerked wildly in sheer joy. And then, like magic, there it was in my hand - the whole necklace. Another new lesson learned in the life of a baby: If you want something badly enough, just pull hard.

And yes, Alisha did pay up.

There goes that nice necklace of Lori's!

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  1. No one ever paid me 5 shekels to change a diaper! I am seriously jealous. :)