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Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2 Update

Babies are notorious for pulling their tubes out after an operation, the doctors said. We wake up or even just flutter into consciousness and immediately go to war on the foreign objects protruding from our bodies. It is a natural instinct for babies. Amazingly, adults don't fight these things and tend to make better patients, the doctors have alleged.

Thus they are trying to keep me sedated. Try as they may, being the valiant warrior that I am, I have opened my eyes a few times already. I quickly closed them though as all I saw were computer screens and a boring ceiling. As my aunt - Zia Em - recommended, I might as well get in all the sleep I can now so I can be awake ad infinitum once these tubes are extricated. And since the scenery is boring, and I keep missing my parents when I do awake, I might as well just get some shut eye.

Speaking of tubes, there are more tubes than there is baby. They are monitoring every possible function my little body can undertake. 

I have caused just a touch of concern to the doctors and my parents, though I am stable and all my vitals are looking good, there is a constant drip of blood still leaking from various orifices. That is a cause for continued prayer - that the bleeding stops. They aren't sure from where I am bleeding, but it is coming in drips and filling up a large measurement for a being my size. They are trying to clot my blood now so that it stops. They don't think it is something that will require more surgery and it could just be residual blood from the op, but it has to stop nevertheless.

I will keep you posted!

Oh, and sorry no photos, but my photographer/mother has decided I am not living up to my usual cuteness with all the tape and wires draped across me. 


  1. Praying for the clotting and for perfect health Daniel!

  2. Daniel__good morning from Alabama!! With all of the tornado activity here (your mother and dad will explain what that is all about when you're more fully awake!), I totally missed out that you were going to be having this surgery adventure! After catching up with your Blog this morning, I will be praying for your complete recovery...that every single cell in your little body will come into alignment, just as the Lord intends. love, Diane

  3. Shalom little Mr. Daniel :). We are happy that the operation went well and pray and wish that this dripping stops. Have a good and nice sleep! Baruch & Zoya.

  4. Still praying for you Daniel! Keep healing and rest, little one.
    Love you

  5. we keep praying, God bless you, Anne-Lise + family

  6. Rest and get well. We will keep you in our hearts and prayers.
    Margaret & Elliot

  7. Hey Nicole...hello from Colorado! I've been following your story about Daniel, and I'm just in love with him:) Praying for a very speedy recovery. I do know a taste of what you are going through, since I work in a surgical Neonatal unit. God is in control and as scary as everything looks, it will get better! Please keep us updated. Tim and I are praying for all of you. Be blessed