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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Short Long Run

Try as you may to entertain me, today I am inconsolable

It is Saturday, Shabbat, Day O'Rest for us here in Jerusalem. Mommy can't walk due to her "short" long run yesterday, a particularly torturous affair, and abba just pulled a back muscle dancing with me and singing along with my "Baby's First Words in Italian" CD just to keep me entertained. What a family we make as I too am suffering in my own way.

Me protesting that vile strawberry flavoured
(it is written in British) acetaminophen fever-reducer

I've been a tough critic these days. For one, I've had an eye infection (mostly cleared up now). Also I'm sporting a low-grade fever that is keeping me particularly irritable. Mostly I just like to keep my parents guessing. Once they get comfortable with my habits, I do something new to regain control of the situation. It is part of my development, both physically and mentally. Physically, of course, I'm learning new movements every day. And mentally, I'm sharpening my mind with the adults in my life, which it is good for them too, like doing crossword puzzles or learning new languages to ward off Alzheimer's. 

Fridays are when mommy goes for her long run in her marathon training program. Yesterday's was a tough one for some reason even though it was a "short" 14 miles. Somehow the 18 miler last week was not as painful. And lately, worse than the pain is the boredom - Jerusalem is a small city and mommy is starting to dread the long runs for the repetitiveness more than the physical abuse. I keep telling her to charge her iPod and download a few interesting podcasts, but then I disrupt her train of thought with my mystical communication and, while trying to decipher my messages, she forgets all about the iPod until it is time for her next run.

Fridays are fun for me because abba and I hang out in the morning and stroll around Baka and the German Colony caught up in the Friday rush of pre-Shabbat shopping, traffic jams and revelers getting in their last opportunity to eat out for a whopping 36 hours (you cannot find a free table at any cafe anywhere in Jerusalem on a Friday morning). This is our supporting role in mommy's marathon effort, to shop and wait with a hot cappuccino at the end of her run. 

It is the least we can do. :)

(And here is the article Mommy wrote about the miners on Thursday.)

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