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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So all day yesterday and last night I was in a bad mood. I did what they call "fuss" at various intervals. I didn't give mommy my blog dictation. And I also, miraculously, took some real naps, like more than 10 minutes each. Based on this, my parents knew, something was up.

Earlier in the day, Lucie and I watching TV together
I did go to bed like the angel that I am at bedtime. However, I awoke at midnight signaling that yes, something was wrong. I had a fever! It was very low, and I'm sure the fleece swaddle contributed to the high body temperature (don't mock me for still being in a swaddle - I feel it helps me maintain my baby charm!). But nevertheless I was a little down. Immediately mommy and abba came up with some new sleeping arrangements: After coaxing some acamol (Israeli equivalent of tylenol) down my throat, it was decided that I would sleep in the big people bed with mommy, and that daddy would graciously move to the couch. He offered. I didn't protest. 

There's nothing like falling asleep holding hands with mommy. I was duly comforted and went back to sleep shortly thereafter and slept through till well after sunrise. No fever but still feeling a tad lethargic. We'll see what today holds and now let's see where I end up sleeping tonight!

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