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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mother Nature vs. the Marathon

Sand storm in the morning. Hail in the evening. Not a good day for marathon training. But as I am not running in anything any time soon, the weather didn't affect me. Mommy took another day of rest though. No use running in weather that can negatively impact the lungs, right? Or maybe that was simply her excuse to stay dry.

I'm learning that in Jerusalem we can have an array of weather in just one day. Today's sand storm wasn't the first I experienced in my life (third or fourth), but it was my first hail, thunder and lightning. Yesterday, however, was in the 70s, sunny and dry. Team Daniel took that opportunity to scout out a portion of the marathon trail. Here is some footage: 

The official Jerusalem Marathon video (kindly ignore the poor English both written and spoken) can be seen here: