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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops

It looks like my little sister has a mission in life: to wrest all sorts of attention from yours truly. Even down to my trademark swirl!

It is vague at the moment, but if you stare long enough you will
detect the beginnings of a swirl on Raia's forehead
My own swirl was quite pronounced at birth
and has been with me ever since
Living with a little sister hasn't really affected our lives too much yet except for the new characters in our play: Fatigued Mommy and Tuckered Abba. But otherwise, Raia seems to emerge only to eat and then she quietly tucks away for another winter's nap all swaddled and meek.

Except at night.

But still, the night part doesn't affect Lucas and I. While Raia still has yet to join in our baby games Mimi and GongGong have! They just arrived this week - in time for Raia's birth, which was scheduled for some time next week. Apparently she didn't get the memo.


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