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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! And for our First Resolution...

Raia Resolved: To drink more coffee
Mommy and Lucas Resolved: Eat more cake (and for mommy,
pick up running again due to said cake) 
I Resolved: Continue to look cool for various photo shoots

I, as a baby, resolve this year to retain many of my useful baby qualities and to raise up my younger brother and sister in the same way. Despite the fact that we are all growing up and outgrowing some baby stages at various paces, I believe many of the things I've learned as a baby will serve me well throughout my life. And I wouldn't want to forgo the Royal Treatment we as youngsters receive. Not yet.

Abba meanwhile, has a different resolution. After three consecutive years of mommy running the Jerusalem marathon she has passed the torch: Abba is going to represent the family this year and take on the 10K on behalf of Shalva!

This year, since she was supposed to have a baby in January (not November, Raia), mommy assumed she would not be ready for a race by March 21. And accordingly, abba picked up the slack.

I hear that 10-kilometer races are challenging, but remember, even before I was walking I crossed the finish line of a full marathon! (Remember this?!) That would be 42.2 kilometers, abba. I suppose this year abba figured that running a 10K would be much easier than herding three kids to the finish line!

He is probably right.

Nevertheless, abba needs your financial support. (Mommy needs your moral support.) If you choose to donate to abba's cause, you are helping Shalva, the Association for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in Israel, help others. Just this once I will allow abba to put this in his own words in my blog:
Hi There,

I am going to be running the 10K race in the Jerusalem marathon for an organization called " Shalva". Shalva is an organization that helps special needs children in Israel and provides, free of charge, therapies designed to develop the skills to be able to function in today's society.

My son, Daniel, has Down Syndrome and has been receiving the care he needs from this wonderful organization since he was born over three years ago.

Today I give you the opportunity to pour into the lives of these children and their families by sponsoring me in the Jerusalem marathon.

To visit the Shalva site please click on this link:

To sponsor me please click on this link:

 Thank you and may 2014 be a blessed year for you and  your family!

Sincerely yours,

Christmas day!

Abba running means that mommy drew the short straw. She somehow has to hustle three babies to the finish line, which is a good 3 miles from home. But we absolutely must be there to welcome abba, so she is going to have to figure out a way.

And that should probably entail some marathon training of its own. Good luck to both parents!

And Happy New Year to everyone!

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