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Monday, January 27, 2014

The New Champion in all Things Baby

Brotherly love!
Won't I make a great babysitter?

I've been bested again! And even Lucas' records have been blown away. A little baby - a little girl baby - has dethroned both of us as the new Champion in the War on Sleep and in other baby matters.

Raia has managed to scoff at the night and turn darkness into light, staying alert and awake through the night watches, particularly 2 to 4 or 3 to 5 a.m. I was once the Founder and General in the War on Sleep (see this link too), but Raia is Commander in Chief! 

This has turned my world and Lucas' upside down. We don't even want our titles back if this is what it takes to do so, to stay away for hours on end at night. I have to cede the victory. Again.

First drama (with her ridiculously early birth and hospital stays). Now sleep. Oh, and accidents.

Raia has positioned herself in no uncertain terms as a viable contender in this family. I suppose she had to come on strong since there are two other babies in her life, formidable male toddlers, barging through the apartment like unstoppable wrecking balls that garner attention whether we want it or not.

The portrait of peacefulness

Raia is still a baby, a deceptively peaceful and quiet baby during the day. She puts on the preemie act to sucker all the adults around her. Impressive. And as babies are wont to do, Raia keeps a low profile most of the time. But she already has mastered and honed her baby powers to get attention at opportune times whether through drama or sleep deprivation torture. It is a survival skill babies develop in order to ensure equally distributed attention amongst the babies. Raia is a quick learner.

Raia also gets the crown for "accidents." You could count on one hand the number of times Lucas and I only managed to pee during diaper changes, even though we are boys. In her mere two months, Raia has obliterated the family record for peeing during diaper changes. Mommy and abba stopped counting in fact. Just yesterday she earned the Triple Crown as she pulled a hat trick of baby excretions: 1. #2 that leaked out of her diaper onto all her clothes; 2. spit up while waiting for someone to discover that she had done #2 all over her clothes; and 3. #1 while getting diaper removed so she could be whisked into the bath. And all of this on the sofa. The cherry on the cake for a baby.

I must give credit where it is due. Raia has made it clear that she can hold her own with the boys!

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