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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who's That Girl?

As we spoke about in the previous post, Lucas has a lot of words that he throws out there on a regular basis. He correctly recognizes most of the significant people in his life including GongGong and Mimi, Nanni (which he frequently chants as well, we don't know why). He even started pointing out Uncle Matt after just one day in the same state of the same country! He has been calling abba for months now. And of course he knows Yours Truly as well, and affectionately calls me Nyeh-nyeh.

But there is one whom he fails to call anything. One has to wonder if Lucas thinks to himself, who is this random woman in my life who arrives crib side when I cry at ungodly hours of the morning. And who is this random woman who feeds me on demand when I whine?

I watch with awe as Lucas ticks off vegetable characters and distant relatives with ease, but he can't even figure out who "mommy" is! And she is, without a doubt, a significant part of his life. So why does he name everything else, but she remains nameless?

In fact, its not that he can't say "mommy" or "ima" (mom in Hebrew) or "mama" - or anything remotely related with a maternal figure. He readily says "mam-mam" which means "FEED ME NOW! I AM HUNGRY!" And he spent a few weeks calling balloons "mama" for some unknown reason, even though the "b" sound is not a challenge for him.

So he can say mama.

Its just that he has no idea what "that woman's" name is when it comes to our very own mommy! Now how does it happen that the person he sees most in his life and looks to for comfort and food - and when he is about to do something naughty - is the only one he hasn't labeled? Even though he recognizes her across a room, he draws a blank when it comes to her name.

"GongGong" - check!

"Nanni" - check!

"Uncle Matt" & "Aunt Majda" - check!

"Daniel" - check!
Mommy tries not to take it personally, but it is a tad baffling that smarty pants can't find something to call his own mother. Maybe someday soon. Sorry mommy!


  1. so enjoyable to read Daniel's blog. Jean

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