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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Laughter = Best Medicine

My smile and I - still ticking

Two years and counting! Today is the second anniversary of my heart surgery. I'm a dazzling success story with a scar as a trophy to prove it. Kudos to my esteemed surgeon, Erez Eldad, who also secured the bright futures of my friends Hallel and Ephraim. You can read about those gory moments here and here and here.

Mommy and abba also claim to have scars from that day and actually celebrated the two-year mark with a bottle of Moscato this evening. I didn't get any though!

Pretty in pink? Lucas doesn't think so!

Purple belly shirt. Hm, not my color (or size)

What is the secret to my success and my healthy heart? Laughter! That's why moments such as these wardrobe malfunctions in the photos above keep us ticking. Both of them illustrate what happens when mommy doesn't provide the people at day care with a change of clothes in the event of mishaps.

And the following videos (take your pick or watch all 5, it is up to  you) show Lucas and I in our daily regimen of laughter/screamfests. I guarantee an upswing in your own health after you watch these - you'll probably be laughing too!

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