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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Flight of the Bumble Ba-Bies

Would these innocent little faces cause angst or concern
on a 12-hour trans-Atlantic flight? Nay!

A long time ago, coming from a land far far away, mommy embarked upon the biggest challenge of her life. Was it worse than giving birth to Lucas and I? No. But it did take longer, which made it comparable. On Oct. 24, mommy got duped into taking not one but two babies on a flight across the Atlantic all by herself.

That was more to blame on the IRS not sending abba's passport back in time, but that's a long story. Mommy was due to come to New York for work on behalf of Shalva, but she is not allowed into the country - according to official grandparental and great-grandparental law - sans Lucas and I. That is the unpardonable sin.

Thus we accompanied her on her journey to provide entertainment and to keep her ever sharp and on her toes. We are already leaving tomorrow for the return trip so I don't have time to recount the flight in all of its glory, including the tale of the sleeping woman who got nailed in the head with a coffee cup. Or the nap that I never took, for 13 hours. The delay of flight in which we sat on the runway for an hour. Or the thrown bottles and pacifiers that went missing. Or mommy's new skills that even tested the flexibility of yoga moves in order to retrieve said bottles and pacifiers from under the airplane seats.

We are having our Last Supper (of this New York trip) this evening, yet another appropriate and electrifying Italian meal. As for dessert, please enjoy these videos taken during some sane moments before and during the flight:

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