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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its Beginning to Look a lot like ...CHRISTMAS??

Lucas exhilarates at his first glimpse of snow

Another week, another storm. Thus our holiday in New York unfolds.

When Hurricane Sandy came through and wiped out our week along with trees, homes and electricity, mommy comforted abba with these words about his failed vacation: "Well, at least you won't have to shovel on this trip."

Oh mommy, when are you going to learn to not tempt fate?

With the effects of Sandy still very real in our region and then the election yesterday, this "little" nor'easter sort of snuck up the coast while weathermen and the news promised rain and wind - but not 12 inches of snow! On November 7th!

Now the trees that survived Sandy are bowing under the heavy snow or succumbing to the nor'easter winds. And we have broken out the shovels. I even touched snow and just wasn't sure what to make of it. So I threw it. Naturally.

And the only one in this house who appreciates this sudden display of a blizzard is Lucas who has never seen snow before in his life.

The snow at 4 p.m.

Lucas couldn't contain his excitement

He wouldn't be smiling this big if he had to shovel!

Snow at 4 p.m. by the tree I stood under for photos in my previous post

Snow at 8 p.m.

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