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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Hurricane Holiday

I inspected the damage done by Hurricane Sandy
in Mimi and GongGong's neighborhood
The hurricane is over but its effects are still all around us. From long lines at the gas pumps to downed trees to continued horror stories about all of our nearby neighbors who have no electricity, no heat and even worse, no homes.

Welcome to NY, Daniel!

Zia Em and I in front of a downed tree

The root is taller than me!

And all that has meant that the babies are stuck inside except for the occasional walk around the block. With the cold weather settling in and no gasoline to drive anywhere, Lucas and I have had to stick close to home.

Of course we are using the time wisely. I have cleaned out Mimi's shoe closet and learned to use the vacuum cleaner. And Lucas has enabled us to watch Veggie Tales with surround sound by figuring out how to turn on the stereo!

Lucas has also learned to walk. And I also taught him how to sign for "more" and say "bye-bye" in sign language. And, now he is even learning how to unload the dishwasher!

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