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Monday, October 29, 2012

Irene, Meet Sandy

Last year my swirl was what meteorologists used to track Hurricane Irene.
This year, heftier and more serious, it is Sandy

As fate would have it, there isn't much more to say than this: I am in New York, quite quickly and unexpectedly (and believe me there are NOVELS, not just blogs, to say about that), and naturally, so is Sandy. Or Frankenstorm, as she has been dubbed.

Nary a year ago it was Hurricane Irene that coincided her visit to New York with mine (see photo in righthand column in my bio - taken the day after Irene). It just wouldn't be the same being in New York without such adventure, and so Sandy has decided to come up the coast to greet me. Nearly two years ago it was the Blizzard of 2010 that shut down New York City for about a week (see entertaining video on this page: And I was here for that too. I am a veritable magnet for adventure and natural occurrences.

Way back in Jerusalem, with the sun shining
and temps in the 80s, Lucas heard the call:
Come to New York!

And so he packed!

And I followed suit, making sure to pack my
emergency gear. And myself.
We haven't seen the sun since we left Israel last Wednesday. Then again, we haven't seen rain since April, so I suppose I should be grateful.

As trees come crashing down in front of our home and all around, at least we still have electricity, making for exciting blogs.

The tree in front of Mimi and GongGong's house

The whole root came up!

I was kept caged in, away from the action

Then I got my front row to watch the show

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  1. Daniel, glad to see you here in the States. Our family has been praying for safety for you and your family during the storm. Love, Your friends from TX