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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating the Holidays - Baby Style!

Lucas and I have been learning
lots during the holidays

It has been a most wonderful and looooong time of fall holidays here in Israel. So far, I have been off for almost a week and a half from school as Shalva closed for Sukkot and I flitted around the country on various expeditions. Even while at home I have managed to keep myself very busy during my time off. In fact, time is just flying too fast I have barely had time to write!

I have used the time wisely. Despite not having any classes or therapy for so long, I have continued my journey of education and discovery. For example, one of the most important things I've learned (self taught, mind you) is how to move furniture. I'd done small pieces of furniture one at a time up till now, but today I managed to piece together a mosaic of furniture upheaval: The garbage pail from my bedroom ended up in the living room, the empty 20-gallon water jugs also ended up in the living room, a side table from the living room ended up in the kitchen and several large toys and a bar stool ended up in my bedroom.

As an older brother, all of this education is something I dutifully share with Lucas. Lucas himself transferred the footrest across the living room and helped me get some large toys into the bedroom.

Mimi and GongGong help divert our attention
from rearranging the furniture

Here ee are having one of our many reading lessons

Other times we jockey for front row at a Veggie Tales showing

We are well on our way to wearing out
"Little Joe" and the Belly Button
music video

I also perfected - and then taught Lucas - how to flip over these large toys and furniture, beginning with the bar stools. They make the most incredible noise when clattering to the ground. And, if you ask me, these objects look much better upside down. Its my personal touch of feng shui that I have added to the apartment.

Lucas also used his time off wisely. While he still crawls at mach speed, his arms sidewinder missiles that come slapping down on the tile, he has also mastered cruising, clapping while standing, oh, and climbing. Abba found Lucas standing on a stool while trying to reach for one of the forbidden shelves pulling everything off. Quite the intrepid one. Heart attacks were shared all around by the adults.

Lucas: Stair Master

The act of descending still eludes him
During all this time at home, our differences have also become quite apparent. I still require to be waited upon at meals, but Lucas now prefers self-feeding. I take my time waking up, sometimes just sitting in my crib for up to an hour slowly easing into wakefulness. Lucas on the other hand goes from horizontal to vertical in an instant - his eyes just pop open and he is ready to face the day. And he informs us of that in no uncertain terms.

Besides musical chairs with furniture, we also have spent much time reading - and eating - books. I find the cardboard rather tasty and Lucas has followed suit as well, another thing I have been able to teach him.

Time is not flying for everyone. Mommy and abba have felt the length of vacation and Mimi and GongGong are absorbing every minute of free time, albeit at times exhausting as they help me sample the local playgrounds.

We have one more day of holiday and then normality must begin to define itself again.

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