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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tastings by Lucas

Lucas is learning to taste food and to read. Genius.
In a rather anti-climatic moment that had little to do with tastings and food and more to do with emergency soothing, Lucas' first ever human food tasting was - drumroll - banana!

Yes, it was banana by default, used as a coy distraction in order to shush him in the car.

Like any good baby, Lucas waits to throw his worst, most piercing fits in the car when it is impossible to really help him since he is legally strapped into a car seat. Thus, his first tasting was just a piece of my banana that took a detour from my mouth to his in hopes that it would distract him enough on the drive home.

He is 5 months old now and Lucas has been tasting real human food for about a month. That is when they start over here in the Wild West of Israel. If Lucas had his way, I'm sure he'd be downing steak right now. But instead, mommy and abba are having their way and limiting him to bland beginnings of rice cereal, sweet potato, and of course, banana. And this dull menu, believe it or not, is against the doctor's orders.

According to the nurse at Tipat Halav (the neighborhood weigh station where we get our shots and other nursing advice), Lucas should begin tasting everything right now. The conversation with the same nurse, in an eerie form of deja vu, went like this:

Nurse: You can begin give Lucas tastings of anything you are eating.

Mommy: Anything?

Nurse: Yes, anything. Fish, chicken, hummus, vegetables.

Mommy (incredulously): Not dairy, right?

Nurse: Yes, dairy too. Everything. 

Mommy: Pureed, of course.

Nurse: No, just a small bite from the tip of your fingers. It doesn't need to be pureed just mashed between your fingers.

Mommy (in a state of bewilderment): Okay.

Hard to believe, but yes, another year, another rule for what is or is not acceptable for babies to eat. Mommy has yet to comply and actually given chicken or fish to Lucas. It is sort of hard to imagine him not choking on it, so mommy hasn't worked up her bravery or CPR skills yet. Anyway, its not like Lucas is suffering from this lack of solids. Have you seen his thighs lately?

I will say that due to these enchantingly lax laws in Israel, I was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches long before my American counterparts. And I lived to tell - and blog - about it. In fact, I scared a New York nurse during that hospital visit there in March as I dined on my PB&J. She nearly pried it from my mouth until Aunt Beanie insisted I had already been well exposed to peanuts and displayed no allergies therein.

Here are some videos of me teaching Lucas how to eat real human food like a good baby:


  1. I can't even deal. They are so cute when they stare and talk to each other!! HAHA!!!

  2. hilarious. have to meet lucas in real life...versus in the belly.when will that ever happen?