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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dan Juan

I am required to flirt first and foremost with mommy. Then I can move on.
It's just another day at school for Dan Juan. I flirt with my teachers, all the female workers and my therapists (except for Alan). And then I put the moves on my classmates as well. Here are a few examples of a day in the life of Dan Juan.

Last week when I arrived at home, still strapped in my car seat, I got off the bus as I usually do. Mommy and abba fawned over me as they usually do. And then as they were removing me from my seat they noticed something pink in my car seat. It was no less than Hallel's glasses!

Imagine this cutie without her glasses
Now, how Hallel's glasses ended up in my car seat is and shall remain a mystery. Only Hallel and I know and we've agreed to not tell. The driver and his assistant didn't see anything but they do have their suspicions about the two of us. The assistant said it is a shame we don't have Facebook pages so that he could determine whether or not we were officially "in a relationship."

My parents returned the eye glasses to Hallel's parents and they swapped theories as to what happens as we sit together in the van on our ride home from Shalva and how on earth I ended up with Hallel's glasses.

Here is another example of my flirtatiousness at school as I put the moves on Suri, one of my many versions of "the girl in the pink shirt." 

She's a tough cookie! How she can resist my charm I'll never know.

When all else fails, at least I can bop to a cell phone ring.

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