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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being Pushy

Hanging out at school with Ephraim trying to concoct
an interesting game with the orange ball in my hands.
Oh wait, I think I have an idea!

Me anointing Ephraim as king
Here in the toddler stage of my life I am learning new things such as:

  • Throwing every object that passes near your hands, apparently, is not a good thing
  • There is such a concept as "make nice," which appears to be the direct opposite of smacking
  • Sharing is supposed to be the better way
  • Being pushy is frequently frowned upon (but I can't help it if that is the only way to get attention)

But, being pushy isn't always a bad thing as you will here in these videos:

This is how I pass some of my time at the Shalva day care: acting as chauffeur and anointing the leaders of the next generation. Busy days, I tell you. 

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