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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Raia - 365 days minus 2 months!

Happy birthday Raia!
First official piece of cake

It is official - Raia has passed her 365 day mark as of yesterday. And yet she still has two whole months to go until she was supposed to make her appearance. And what a grand appearance it was (fodder for a future blog - the "two months early" is the least of the adventure that occurred).

The fact that she has now passed the 365-day mark is special because it means that mommy and abba can know specifically how many nights they have not slept through the night!

Nevertheless, Raia continues to astound the world. Preemie no more, she weighs the same as Lucas did when he turned 1. Nothing less than a size 12 months will fit her rotund tummy. Her cheeks have blossomed to kissable proportions.

But most of her milestones are due to the tutelage of her older brothers. Of course! We have not sat idly by and watched her grow. No, instead we took her under our wings (as soon as she was more than 4 lbs.) and taught her all sorts of important things such as:

  1. Where the electrical outlets are located
  2. How to climb the children beds, chairs and mini piano
  3. That the best toys are TV remotes and cell phones 
  4. That the squeaky wheel - or the loudest baby - gets the oil (or whatever they want.need)
We have recently taken up other valuable lessons as you will see in the following (ridiculously cute) videos:

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