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Friday, October 31, 2014

Silent Nights? Not Quite

Two beds! Anywhere you want them!
As if we were known for our peaceful nights, our parents just made our night times even more celebratory and raucous and theirs ever more busy and much less peaceful. We now have not one but two beds with which we can hold our nightly gatherings. Two mattresses to remove and disrobe! Multiple bed slats to wrest from the bed frame and wave around like wooden swords! Two beds to move around the room to use to scale the other remaining furniture in the room!

This is false
This is true
Our new sleeping arrangements are due in part to an urgency to get (poor) Raia out of a pack and play (finally) and into a real crib before she turns 1. Three weeks and counting! So Lucas got a new bed and the crib will be passed down to Raia.

As you can see, Raia can sleep anywhere
Who needs a crib? Like Moses,
she is happy in a basket!
These last few weeks have been busy. To say the least.

First of all, I started a new school this year. I am an official Pre-Ker. The first two weeks were wrought with screams, tears, hunger strikes, and finally pneumonia thereby causing my parents to flog themselves with self doubt and loads of guilt for daring to mainstream me into the jungle of Israeli public education. But the pneumonia was short lived as were the tears and, suddenly, I adjusted to my new school! I made friends, I gave hugs, I blew kisses and I got my own personal assistant and was even invited to a birthday party!

Then just as soon as I adjusted, the holidays rolled in.
of holidays.

Days on, days off. Until finally 12 days in a row and I was at home as were Lucas and Raia.

Mommy swears that our apartment turned into a frat house. Discipline of time or behavior evaporated into thin air. Nobody ate on time or ate well. By the end of these two weeks, we could've had ice cream for breakfast and no one would've cared.

But as a bonus this was the same time that (drumroll) Mimi and GongGong came here to visit! Here's how it went:

Reunited and it feels so good!

Yes, we are doing the twist.


Always exciting and very colorful!


Getting Raia accustomed to a crib

Waking up GG from his nap!


A good way to spend some energy

A little bit of Mozart at the train station

And now that the holidays are over, so is the fun. And the frat house. And Mimi and GongGong, who headed back to NY. We go to bed pass out at respectable hours. We eat at set times for the most part. And we head out the door every day for bootcamp, I mean school.

On a positive note, however, maybe this means I will have more time to write! 


  1. :)))))))))))
    Great post. Love it. Love you guys!

  2. So good to get a glimpse into the always interesting, uplifting and active Jansezian household!