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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Danger Zone

When I asked mommy why she hasn't posted a blog of mine in so long, her response was, "My first priority is to keep you and Lucas alive. That leaves no time for blogs."

So after a long bout of holidays which basically ate up the entire month of September, we have all been safely back at school, ensconced in our daily routine. And when I say "safely" I mean our apartment is now slightly more safe from the destructive force of toddlers. And we are slightly more safe from windows, bookshelves and electrical equipment.

And that long, destructive month has extended well into October on the weekends.

Yes, we turn ordinary household items into WMDs as we gravitate toward danger and look for more effective ways to speed up the aging process of our parents.

Here is a pictorial essay of our last few weeks:

Lucas squeezed himself into a toy meant for
about half his age and size
Look mom! I can climb - and probably leap off!

But I won't (yet)
Lucas might. We discovered we can move the
toy basket into the living room so we could
climb it there as well

Lucas learned how to shampoo my hair

Oh look! A grill! The things we can do...

Lucas being self-disciplined - spanking  himself

This use for the potty gives new meaning to piano "stool"

Why would one sit on a moving bus when
they can do something more dangerous?
We were not limited to our own apartment as we brought our devious ways to Nene and Dede's home.

We learned to scale
their kitchen table!

Never leave food within baby's reach...

...Or put baby's reach near the food. Stymied!
Please note who appears in the majority of the photos. I believe that makes me the less naughty baby.

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