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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Since we're Talking about Family...

Here comes trouble!

Uncle Matt took Lucas for a ride on the swing - after
spending about 30 patient minutes with me on a swing

The last few months and the one coming up was and will be characterized by family and friend visits. That is always a fun prospect since most blood relations live very far away from here.

Uncle and Aunt M&M came to visit and got to watch us in action - which was sometimes very terrifying for them as we displayed our prowess balancing on dangerous heights and flinging ourselves to the floor. Our Kiwi friend Sharon also dropped by for a visit from a faraway land, which was fun mainly because she is baby savvy and she even let us use her iPad. And next month, Mimi and GongGong will be coming to see us because, as GongGong says, their lips miss our succulent cheeks. Completely understandable.

But because of this distance from most family, mommy and abba have had to take that burden upon themselves to provide us with entertainment. Thus, we are awaiting the arrival at some point in early January of another sibling to keep us entertained!

This seemingly has necessitated a whole new slew of demands for us as we graduate to even bigger brothers now. Mommy has a long list of expectations that tend to bring a smile - nay, a smirk - to our mischievous but cute little faces:

  1. Use the potty
  2. Dress ourselves
  3. Tie our own shoe laces
  4. Feed ourselves
  5. Prepare our own meals
  6. Pour our own drinks
  7. Wash our plates when done with dinner
  8. Climb the four flights of stairs on our own two legs
  9. Put our toys away when we are finished with them
  10. And finally, clean the apartment floors vanquishing any trace of baby drool that turns into black sticky spots on the tile after we traipse through said puddles with our shoes on. Every day. 

Of course all of this may not happen by January even though we've been "working on" some of these concepts for about 6 to 7 months now. It looks like 3 babies under 3.5 years of age is going to be replete with all of the stereotypical cuteness and foibles that one can imagine. Sorry mommy and abba!

Auntie Sharon let us play with her iPad!
Uncle Matt found new and exciting ways
to entertain us
So in keeping with the spirit of things, we devised our own counter list of expectations for mommy and abba as we await the arrival of Numero Tre:

  1. Get a bigger apartment or upgrade to a house. With a backyard.
  2. Neither of us are giving up the stroller just yet, so bear that in mind
  3. Good luck making three meals per meal now: one for Lucas and I, one for abba and you, and one for an infant when solids are introduced.
  4. Oh yea, and we hate vegetables. And meat. 
  5. Instead of sharing our toys, please make sure there are three of each so we don't have to fight.
  6. And finally, we refuse to share our boys' room with a girl! So please solve the space issue and make sure she keeps her pink to herself!

Next time we take this photo, where is
little sister going to fit??

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