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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Summer of our (dis)Content

Does someone here look discontent?

I think not!
Our summer read sort of like a John Steinbeck novel. But in the end, the truth is, Lucas and I had a lot of fun and weren't really discontent at all. Mommy and abba, amid dragging us away from electrical outlets and peeling us back from windowsills, managed to take us on some adventures. We went to a pool twice and a bird safari in the heart of Tel Aviv among other fun things.

And in the end, we all survived! And we broke no bones! We had zero trips to the doctor and we will be returning to school with all our appendages.

Despite those facts, mommy deemed the summer less of a success. She had prepared flashcards and intelligence enhancing games but in the end all she could do was chase us - usually in two separate directions - in an attempt to prevent us from killing ourselves. Never mind make little geniuses out of us! We took care of that anyway by developing our own science projects and engineering feats (see previous blogs for details).

Lucas enjoyed the bird safari. Most of the time.

I enjoyed the playground there...

...And a nice picnic
So tomorrow we head back to school already. I will be in the pioneer class of Shalva's brand new nursery school! I know what awaits me, especially the hugs and kisses as I make my grand re-entry. And of course stellar therapies and happy teachers and volunteers all around me. Though I am going to miss harrassing mommy every day while she tried to carry on a job, I am very excited about going back to school!

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